Apple Cookie Monsters

[vc_column_text]These are fantastic to make with children as they can customise their own monster with different eyes, teeth and fillings.


Whole Kids Apple Cookies
Granny Smith apples
Strawberry jam
Flaked almonds
Whole Kids dried sultanas

Quarter your apples and remove the core section. With a knife carefully cut a wedge out of the centre of the apple. Cut a quarter of the cookie off so that it fits in the wedge you cut. Put a small teaspoon of jam in the wedge to hold your cookie in place. Now take two large almond slices and use a little jam to sick them to the top of the apple to make eyes. Fix the sultanas on top of the almonds in the same way to make pupils. Finally take pieces of almost and wedge them between the apple and cookie to make teeth.

If you are not eating these right away, rub a little lemon on the apple to stop browning. [/vc_column_text]