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Creating a Healthier, Happier World for Kids

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We love making the yummiest, most nourishing organic food for your family. That’s not all. We also love doing our bit to make the world a healthier, happier place for kids.

We’re discovering so many things beyond food that are junking up childhood today. Kids should have the opportunity to enjoy a childhood where they’re free to explore, play, create, learn, laugh and free to be just kids.

We believe it’s time to unjunk our food and our lives.

From standing up and campaigning on important issues affecting children’s health, wellbeing and their environment to sourcing ethically and sustainably produced ingredients, we strive to make meaningful, positive impact in everything we do.

We proudly provide at least 1% of our sales revenue (either as financial contribution or in-kind donations) to support our community partners, charitable causes, and social and environmental advocacy campaigns.

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The Right To Food

500,000 Healthy Breakfasts

Our life-changing school breakfast project

All kids deserve a healthy start to the day, yet 66 million children go to school hungry each day in the developing world. In 2017, we’re aiming to provide 500,000 nutritious meals to school children in Cambodia. With your support, we can create life-changing impact.

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Whole Kids Supplier Impact

Ethical Sourcing

Kids Deserve the Best Food from the Best Sources

A healthier start in life leads to a healthier future. Our yummy foods are made with wholesome, organic and non-GMO ingredients to nourish your kids health and wellbeing. We’re committed to sourcing ethically-produced and organically grown ingredients that support the livelihoods of small farmers and encourage more sustainable food systems.

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Whole Kids Environment Impact


Smaller Footprints for a Healthier World

The state of the world we leave behind for our kids determines the kind of life they’ll experience, so let’s leave our precious blue planet a healthier and happier place than we found it – for all future generations.

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Little Activists for Big Change

Community advocacy and campaigning for change is at the heart of Whole Kids. With obesity costing Australia $56 billion each year and one-in-four Aussie kids obese or overweight, we say enough is enough when it comes to junk food advertising to our kids. It’s time to UnjunkIt! Join us and let’s make a big change.

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B Corp Leadership Day Whole Kids

B Corporation

Using Business as a Force for Good

We believe business should have a deeper purpose beyond making a profit, and that business is ideally placed to actively solve many social and environmental problems. We’re proud to be the first food business in Australia to be certified as a B Corp.

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Partnering for Positive Impact

School kids are running on empty with 1-in-7 kids in Victoria going to school without the most important meal of the day – brekkie! Whole Kids is proud to support Foodbank Victoria’s “Big Breakfast” which helps 108,700 Victorians that cannot afford to feed themselves.

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