Family time Cambodian spring rolls

These delicious rice paper rolls are healthy, fresh and easier to make then you might think. Founder Monica’s 9 year old daughter and friends made the ones in the picture, so we are sure you can do it too!

Makes 6 rolls


Dipping sauce:
30g palm sugar
2 x cups water
1/4 x lime, juiced
1 x tbs fish sauce
1 x good pinch of salt
2 x tbs roasted crushed peanuts
4 x cloves garlic finely chopped
4 x shallots finely sliced

6 x rice paper sheets
1 x medium carrot peeled and sliced julienne
2/3  x medium continental cucumber peeled and sliced julienne
12 x leaves of butter lettuce
1 x large handful of fresh beansprouts (soak them in iced water for 5 minuted for extra snap)
1 x small bunch of holy Thai basil – pick leaves and discard stalks


1. Heat palm sugar gently in a pan until caramelized.
2. Add water, lime, peanuts, fish sauce and salt and simmer for about 5 minutes and set aside to cool
3. Once cool add garlic and shallots and pour into a dipping bowl

1. Fill a dinner plate with cold water. Take one of the rice papers and submerge it completely in the water for 3 seconds and then remove and place on a cutting board.
2. Working as quickly as possible before the paper dries out, add the lettuce, carrot, cucumber, beansprouts and basil on to the center of the roll.
3. Carefully fold over one edge around the filling so it is as tight as possible, folding in either side before you get to the end of the roll.
4. Dip lightly in the sauce to prevent sticking and slice in half diagonally or into 3 for little ones and present to serve alongside the dipping sauce.