Making our products sustainable


You’ve probably noticed on shelves in stores a lot of baby and kids food in pouches. They seem to be everywhere! And, yes, we use them for our Frooshies. While pouches are convenient and most have a lower environmental footprint than a glass jar, they’re also an environmental headache. Few pouch formats are recyclable and most end up in landfill, including our Frooshies. That leaves a bad taste in our mouth. So we’re working with our suppliers and recycling companies to come up with a better way by exploring the use of plant-based materials or creating innovative waste solutions that minimises our pouches ending up in landfills.


For our packaging, we choose Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified paper and cardboard whenever possible. FSC certification means we’re sourcing materials that have met high standards of environmentally and socially responsible forestry management. In other words, every time we use a FSC material in our packaging, we’re supporting happy, healthy and sustainable forests.