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School Meals Project

We have donated 500,000 nutritious breakfasts to kids in Cambodia

Around 66 million children go to school hungry in the developing world. In Cambodia alone, 40% of kids under 5 years old are chronically malnourished, and just 45% of Cambodian kids finish primary school.

We think that’s not good enough. Together, we can do something about it.

Whole Kids has teamed up with our friends at Plan International to announce a life-changing community partnership for kids in Cambodia. This year, we aimed to deliver 500,000 nourishing meals to school children in Cambodia. A nutritious start to the day can often mean the difference between staying in school or dropping out.

The Right To Food

Yes, 500,000 meals is a lot of breakfasts to serve. But we like to dream big at Whole Kids. Big dreams can change the world. With your support, we believed this was something we could achieve.

Whenever you buy a Whole Kids product, you’re not only giving your kids a healthy organic snack that’s free from artificial nasties, funny numbers and GMOs, you’re also helping to create a real difference to the lives of these school children.

A portion from every sale of every Whole Kids product provides a nourishing brekkie of rice, veggies and protein.

We have reached our goal of providing


We are so proud to announce that with your support through the purchase of our products we have been able to reach our goal of providing 500,000 meals to children in Cambodia through our School Meals Project in conjunction with Plan International!

When this goal was set we wanted to provide a healthy start to the day for school children in need by donating a portion of the sales from Whole Kids products. But this project goes beyond just meals, these children attended school, found it easier to concentrate and developed new skills to share with their families and communities. The impacts of this will be felt for generations.

So thank you for your support and choosing a products for your children that is contributing to the health and happiness of children around the world!

The wider program is supported all across the world, and with our contribution on top of this, the Cambodia School Feeding program has benefited 142,000 students across 587 target schools. Over 830,000 metric tonnes of food such as rice, fish, beans, vegetable oil, salt and yellow split peas have been consumed so far.

Implementation of this project is as much about quality as quantity so schools are asked to provide a record of the impact of the program on their students. 92% of schools that completed the report said their students reported they were no longer hungry in classes and could concentrate.

The program was implemented in three provinces – Siem Reap, Kampong Thom and Battambang.

With every purchase of a Whole Kids product, you are creating a happier, healthier world for children!

Meet Sokhat

Whole Kids School Meals Project Meet Sokhat

On the outskirts of Siem Reap, Cambodia, 13-year-old Sokhat and her mother Khon live in a hut made from bamboo and palm leaves, just big enough for them to sleep and cook. When storms pass through, the hut shakes. “I just wait and hold my daughter tight,” Khon says. Sokhat is Khon’s only child; her pride and joy – and while she owns little more than the small hut and the clothes on her back, she would give the world to Sokhat if she could. “If I had money I would give it to Sokhat for her to get snacks,” she says, “but I don’t.”

Today is a good day for Sokhat and her mother Khon. A large bag of rice and a tin of oil has just arrived at their home, which provides them with two months’ worth of meals. “I like my mum’s cooking,” Sokhat says. “She uses the rice and cooks vegetables and sometimes fish.” Not only is Sokhat eating well at home, at school she receives breakfast every day before class too. “After breakfast I feel full. It’s good. It tastes good too.” What Sokhat doesn’t realise, is that without this food support, she would be forced to skip meals, and even be made to work.

“This program has changed my life and it helps my daughter go to school,” says Kohn.

Through our support of the school feeding program, thousands of children like Sokhat will now receive a healthy breakfast so they too can learn and thrive.