Six Spooky Recipes kids and mum’s will love for a healthier, happier Halloween.

Halloween is getting bigger and bigger each year and while kids might love celebrating with goody bags full of lollies, parents will find the prospect of all of that sugar frightening.
Limiting the amount of junk your kids eat doesn’t have to mean limiting the fun. Whole Kids founder Monica loves to get her children involved in the kitchen and these recipes have been design with this in mind. From some spine-tingling lunch box treats to monstrous party spreads these recipes are sure to be a hit:
Get in some quality time with the kids and have fun getting creative in the kitchen:

1. Grissini Cheese Broomsticks
You will love this spooktacular snacks for Kids Halloween lunchboxes, parties and even adults too

2. Frozen Frooshie and Yogurt Eyeballs
Don’t let these gory looking eyeballs fool you – they are delicious! As we head into summer your kids will love these frightful frozen delights.

3. Monstrous Kids Guacamole Dip
A great idea for a Halloween party. Quick and simple to prepare and guaranteed to be a gruesome yet irresistible showstopper.

4. Veggie Jack-O’-Lanterns With Tzatziki
Because any way to make vegetables more appeal to your kids has got be good?! Swap out to a dip or veggies of yours kids choice.

5. Apple Cookie Monsters
These are fantastic to make with children as they can customise their own monster with different eyes, teeth and fillings.

6. Whole Kids Goodie Bags
Why not makes sure your trick or treat basket is filled with no artificial colours, additives, flavour or preservatives or GMO’s. No recipe or cooking required!

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