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Truth Behind the Trendiest Diets: Are they Suitable for Kids?

New diets are emerging all the time, all claiming to be the healthiest, cleanest, or...

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Why Are Our Apricots a Funny Colour?

Most apricots and for that matter, a lot of the dried fruit, you see for...

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Setting a Good Example for Fussy Eaters

The fear that your child may be a fussy eater can cause a lot of...

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The Source of Ingredients in Our Food

Most of the ingredients you cook with will generally have a recognisable name and use,...

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Maintaining Good Gut Health in Your Children

Why is it important to have good gut health? Health-conscious consumers are becoming increasing interested...

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Why is Snacking Important for Children

It is often easy to forget just how much extra nutrition kids may need as...

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Why Do We Need Wholegrains?

We’ve all heard that wholegrains are good for us, but what exactly are they and...

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The Lunchbox Balance

What to put in your kid’s lunchbox can be a tricky dilemma, particularly as it...

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Why Whole Kids steers clear of food additives

Food additives are simply ingredients which are added to our food and drink to preserve...

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Encouraging Children to Eat Food

For adults’ food choices are quite simple: if we don’t like it, we don’t eat...

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Why Choose Organic?

Even with all of the roadblocks that can come along with making certified organic snacks,...

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What are Food Additives?

Food additives can be one of the trickiest parts on a food label and they...

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